Sri Anjanadri Education Trust (R)

Dr. Thimmareddy Foundation


SAE Trust aims at providing moral, spiritual, cultural, practical and scientific education to the students. It inspires the young minds and helps them to fulfil their dreams to achieve excellent academic carrer. “The end of Education is Character” without character, education is meaningless. Character is essential for inner happiness and outer s uccess. To develop this character, it is necessary to know the Human Values of Truth, Right action, Peace and Love . The SAE Trust help s each student to exercise their potential and enhance their natural and latent talents. The focus is on imparting values of life and living skills while maintaining high academic excellence.

About Our Emblem

Pen Point Wisdom
Wings of a young Chines Phoenix Self Reliance
Horizontal Line Balanced Mind
Olive Branches Achievement
Book Educational Excellence

Colours of Our Emblem

Blue Stands for Wisdom
Yellow Stands for Glory
Green Stands for Self Reliance
Red Stands for Passion

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