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Rules and Regulations


Students must attend their classes regularly. According to the PU board rules, students must have at least 75% attendance in each subject for being eligible to appear in PU examinations. A student having shortage of attendance even in one subject will be detained and debarred from appearing the PUC examination as per PU Board Rule. No appeal in this regard will be entertained.

Identity Card

Every student is given an Identity card. All students should wear ID card compulsorily inside the campus, failing which they will not be allowed inside the campus. This card must be produced as and when required. Disciplinary action will be taken on his failure to do so. If the Identity card is lost, a duplicate must be obtained on payment of Rs.100.00.

Dress and outfit

The students should invariably follow the dress-code directed by the authorities. The uniform is compulsory on all working days. The students must wear decent dress during non class hours.

Leave Rules

Leave is granted only under unavoidable circumstances for the students and for such leave students should give requesting letters addressed to the principal well in advance. Otherwise it is considered as a breach of discipline and each day of absence will be levied. Un authorized absence of their wards from the classes hampers their progress in studies. Hence it is essential that they should follow the leave rules unfailingly.

Notice Board

All important notices pertaining to the important issues are put up on the Notice Board. Students are required to read the Notice board every day. The internal test marks, attendance and percentage will be put up on the notice board within ten days after the test.

Mobile Phones

Use of mobile phones in the college campus is strictly prohibited. In spite of this warning the students who use mobile phones in the campus are liable for punishment.

Code of Conduct

  • Identity card should be produced every day while the students are present at the college campus.
  • Follow dress code strictly
  • Attend lecture classes, tutorials, laboratory classes and extra-curricular activities regularly.
  • Do not bring mobile phones to the college.
  • Switch off lights and fans before vacating the classroom.
  • Use Library facilities during free time to avoid disturbing the classes.
  • Observe self-discipline, cleanliness and punctuality.
  • Do not use unfair means during Examinations.
  • Do not write anything on desks, walls and boards


Discipline is a vital factor shaping one's personality. Effective learning is possible only through discipline.
Our institution takes care to install the respect for democratic values in students. However, for preparing students for future democratic way of life, discipline must not be imposed from outside but to be cultivated from within. This is calculated through each and every activity at the institution where the responsibility is duly shared by the students. Discipline is a way of life in our institution
Special care is taken to maintain all-round discipline in the college. Self-discipline is the best discipline. All the students are required to maintain discipline in the college. In case of violation of any rule of discipline by any student, disciplinary action will be taken as per the college rules. The Principal of the college, assisted by Heads of the departments and the Teachers, will have the authority to exercise all such competent powers over students in the college as may be necessary for the proper functioning of the institution.
Keeping the above object in view, a students council has been constituted. The President, Vice President and the General Secretary will be elected by class representatives, and these class representatives are elected by the students of each section by casting their votes. The elected body must take up the responsibility of managing all the activities of the institution.
The body should voice the aspirations and interests of all the students. There won't be any scope for silly politics, and more than competition, Co-operation should be the voice of all.


A Student who violates the rules will be removed from the institution for breach of discipline, Students who do not satisfactorily participate in the activities of the institution are also liable to be punished.No student is allowed to go out of the college campus without the prior permission of the authorities. Those who violate this rule are liable to face disciplinary action including termination.

The Two Wheeler Vehicles

The students should not bring two wheeler vehicles to the college.


Student should write all 3 Exams compulsorily. (1 quarterly, 2 quarterly, Mid-Term, Preparatory) in addition to that weekly & monthly test in all subjects will be conducted and they too are obligatory.

Special Instruction

The fees once remitted to the office shall not be returned under any circumstances. The parents and students are advised to take serious note of this rule.

Parent Interaction

The Managing trustee, the principal and the members of the faculty team will meet periodically to discuss the progress and participation of each student in academic and co-curricular activities. Parents are welcome to meet the authorities to discuss the progress of their wards. The aim of the institution is to train up students for the all round harmonious development of their body, mind and spirit. To achieve this end, we request parents to have full faith in the objectives of the institution and co-operate with the authorities to impart these objectives in the minds of their children.

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