Sri Anjanadri Education Trust (R)

Dr. Thimmareddy Foundation

Residential Arrangement


The warden is in-charge of the hostel to look after the health, cleanliness and the general discipline of the students. The up keep of the Hostel including that of the toilets is taken care of by the students themselves. Hot water will be provided for morning bath. Generator is set up for uninterrupted power supply. The hostel provides two tier cots to the students. There is no locking system in the rooms. This is to inculcate the habit of mutual trust a and faith among the inmates. No eatables/valuables are to be kept in rooms.
Food Arrangement: A balanced nutritious vegetarian diet is provided to all students. Breakfast, evening snacks with coffee or Tea and two meals are provided. Care is taken to avoid wastage of food in the dining hall. No special diet is allowed except on medical advice.

Parents visit (Hostel): Family relationship is an important step in child's development. Parents/guardians may take their wards on 1st Sunday of the Month between 1Oam and return before 6pm. Those who fail to return on time will have to pay a fine of Rs. 100. Parents/guardians are requested not to enter the room without permission. Sit outs are provided for them during their visit. There is no provision for accommodation for parents stay. Parents are also advised to avoid frequent visits. Parents/guardians during their visit are not expected to feed their wards with any kind of cooked and fried food or soft drinks for health reason. In addition, this type of feeding amounts to discriminatory act in group life and also disturbs the feeling of the students whose parents are away. Biscuits, chocolates and fruits may however be given be shared with other friends.

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